Friday, 29 January 2010

(3) Coco Majid

Interview (part 2), May 2007

Panic striken as I was, I started scribbling everywhere all over on my papers and any paper I could grab instead of take good notes. I did not want to miss this opportunity and the important points.

Then we got into this conversion which I will share with you.

Coco: Faridah, where are you from?
FAR: Malacca. 

Coco: Where in Malacca?
FAR: Banda Hilir.

Coco: Do you know Ujong Pasir?
FAR: Yes, I have relatives there.

Coco: Whom do you know in Ujong Pasir?
FAR: There was Pak Abas & family.

Coco: Who else do you know?
FAR: Nenek Mun.

Coco (smiling): Then, we are related!
FAR: @#$%^!&*!!! (totally shocked)

Coco (smiling): Yes, we are related.
FAR: Who are you? Are you Dr Majid who treated my grandmother? My grandmother lived in KL and only wanted to be treated by a Dr Majid. Are you that Dr Majid? Are you the only Dr Majid in KL?

Coco: Yes. I'm the only Dr Majid.
FAR: OIC. I'm sorry. I never expected that we are related.

Of course, my husband put down the video camera in sheer surprise. I instantly got up to salam my newly found grandfather!

We continued talking but in a more merrier manner now that we are related after all these years plus the first half of this interview. Goodness!

Coco asked if I wanted to drink anything. He offered teh tarik! I replied "No" as I did not want to trouble him.

Finally, after 2 hours of interview, Coco got up and walked me out of his room to where my kids were waiting. I instructed the kids, "Salam, ni datuk Mummy" and the kids got up one by one to hold and kiss his hands. They were delighted!

I was tired from the 2-hour interview which had a totally unexpected outcome! Coco did not sound nor look tired! Strange?

So, it was this man whose name was always playing on my mind whenever I was doing domestic chores (usually sweeping the floor) ... when my mind was free to think. His name was always there and I had never met him all my life except on this special day. Come by chance?

I thanked Puan Safiah. We bade Coco goodbye and made our way to our hotel. Coco closed the door behind us. It was sad to leave my grandfather for I do not know when I will ever meet him again.