Thursday, 3 January 2013

Penang's Treasure Trove

Today I discovered 2 more interesting websites about Penang. They are Areca Books and Visions of Penang Archive (Wade Collection). The Wade Collection contains many picture postcards (ppc) of Penang Harbour and its vicinity. That area was and is still picturesque. The photographer was A. Kaulfuss, the same man who photographed Jack Fenner in most of Insun's stories in her Facebook. Jack Fenner was Insun's grandfather if I'm not mistaken. I wonder where I can contact A Kaulfuss or his company if that is still operating today. Insun is connected to me in a parallel family tree strand and the 2 strands wind up at the top to the first man who arrived from Sumatra and opened Penang at Kampong Batu Uban. That great man who opened Penang was Nakhoda Nan Intan. What does "Nan Intan" mean? I think it means he had dark skin.  Insun is in the Datuk Jenaton group which also contains the name Yusof bin Ishak among its family members. Ring a bell? Yes, he was the first President of Singapore. What's even more exciting is, the last Sultan of Singapore, Sultan Hussein, was buried in Malacca. The Ming sailors visited our ports many times over and at one point even brought their princess for the Sultan of Malacca. A Muslim, the Ming Emperor ate halal food which his queen cooked. Did the Sultan of Malacca marry the Ming princess? Did she really exist? Where is her tomb? Where is his tomb? A lot of Ming records were destroyed. What if I tell you that Coco has some answers and that Coco and I share the same Ming ancestors? Now we have a great story going! I will need a lot of help from international institutions to get this story right and do to all the link-ups so we can have a book. It will take another 10 years to research properly and write my story and another 2 years to publish. Coco said we should write. I will be 66 by the time the story gets published. Coco will be 105. That's lifelong research.