Friday, 14 June 2013

Future Research Projects

So far I have 2 research projects in the pipeline. They are very difficult to do. The difficulty lies in the fact that they touch on history, something that is retrospective, and as such searching for the correct information and survivors of the historic past is bleak. Many of the old people who could help have passed on. There are a few of the elderly left but they too are too frail and interviewing them can be stressful for them. There is a paucity of information in our archives and I'm practically using all possible means and modes to get credible evidence before I can write something useful. 

The 2 projects are (by their tentative book titles):

1. The Malayan Hajj Doctors 1900-2013

2. Nakhoda nan Intan Opens Singapore, Malacca and Penang 1720-1734

I have written parts of both projects online.

The Malayan Hajj Doctors is covered in The Early Malay Doctors blog (this blog). I will move it to another blog when I have time.

The Malayan Hajj Doctors 1900-2013 will also be my paper and presentation at "Penang and the Hajj 2013" conference and workshop on 17-18 August 2013 at the E&O Hotel, Penang.

Nakhoda nan Intan is covered in my family blog at 262 Banda Hilir.