Saturday, 9 March 2013

First Galleria (2)

This was my second visit to First Galleria. I went back with Affandi the next day after the wedding to see the place again and where posters of The Early Malay Doctors would be displayed. The proposed months of the planned exhibition would be in July, August and September 2013, insyaAllah.

Anuar Isa had arrived on site and greeted us upon arrival. He then allowed us through the original heavy sliding front door and inside the main building. He guided us through the galleries. Every gallery had a purpose and the articles displayed related to the theme of the respective galleries. I then signed the guestbook at Kapitan Gallery and we headed for the souvenir shop in an adjacent building. Anuar Isa gifted me three of his books on Taiping. They were printed by his family's company in Kuala Lumpur. Affandi took all the photos.

Signing the guestbook at Kapitan Gallery. Kapitan is a Portuguese word and means headman or community leader. The word is hardly used nowadays.
Discussion at the souvenir shop
The iconic building that becomes the innovative logo for First Galleria
Street view of First Galleria