Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's gadgets time again!

It is time for me to try different gadgets for this blogspot/website. Sometimes this entire blog will disappear. Do not panic. I am not an expert blog developer but it pays to try a few things. I will add a few things. So far this website is not worth as much as my other website, which is worth USD1mil. So don't panic. Stay calm and come and visit another time when this website is doing fine. I will make a copy of this blog before I venture into gadgets. Usually I will destroy my entire blog when I fall asleep, only to discover I have lost my blog when I wake up! It happens. So don't expect it doesn't happen. Unexpected things happen. My eldest daughter keeps reminding me to save a copy of this blog - I have never done it. I will now save a copy just in case this entire blog disappears. There's always a 3-month's grace in anything electronic before it totally gets deleted from the Blogger server, so there is still a safety margin or grace there in itself. Tak payah nak takut-takut nak cuba sesuatu yang baru,. That is what IT is to me. You don't try the unexpected, you will never get anywhere unexpected.

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I have saved this blog as an XML file, which is 6.76MB.
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I have created the TEMD Toolbar using Alexa, but it only works in Firefox and IE.
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