Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kuala Lumpur

What do we know about Kuala Lumpur (KL)? What does Kuala Lumpur mean? How did KL history begin? Who opened KL? How many people lived in KL in the 1700s? 1800s? 1900s? 20th century? Today? What attracted people to KL?

Why are there few Malays in KL? Why isn't the sultan's palace in KL? How far is KL from Klang?

How was KL connected to the other cities in the past 400 years? What is the significance of KL in Malaysian history? If there was no KL, would there be a Malaysia today?

KL is connected to the Chinese. Why? What attracted the Chinese to KL? When?

Who were the early Chinese of KL? Where are the families today?

What was KL initially? How did KL develop? How were roads paved in KL? Who erected the buildings in KL? What are some of the famous landmark buildings in KL? What are the buildings that have remained till today? What are some of the important structures in KL today?

How many hospitals were built in KL over the past 400 years? Whom did the hospitals serve? How were the hospitals managed in KL? Who were the early doctors who served in the hospitals in KL? What photos of old KL hospitals have survived?