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Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos

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We have these questions:
  1. Is Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos related to Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos?
  2. Is Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos related to Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammad?
  3. Who was Mohd Joonoos bin Mas Raboo?
  4. Who was Mas Raboo?
  5. How did Mas Raboo arrive in Malaya?

Many wrote to ask for the identity of Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos. Many asked whether Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos is related to Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos. Dr Che Lah was an early Malay doctor. I don't have the evidence that they are blood relatives or related by marriage of their relatives. Shamsuddin is not in Dr Che Lah's family tree. However, Shamsuddin is in another family tree belonging to Iszham Idris, whose mother is related to Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammad, an early Malay doctor. Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammad and Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos graduated together from the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore in 1930. They also worked in Kuala Lumpur and Dr Abdul Ghani replaced Dr Che Lah in Klang when Dr Che Lah moved to Kuala Lumpur. They seem to be close friends but I still can't see how they are related. Dr Abdul Ghani's daughter (Fadzilah) knows Dr Che Lah but has not mentioned they are related.

Mas Raboo
From Haniff:
Mas Raboo was said to come from Java and fled to India (Karachi) because of the war with the Dutch. He later came to Malaya maybe around 1850s, I am not sure.

From Nazz:
Mas Raboo was a sultan in Java and fled to Ceylon during the Dutch Occupation. Then migrated to Penang.

M. Joonoos bin Mas Raboo
From Haniff:
M. Joonoos bin Mas Raboo bought a land in Penang around 1880s.

From Nazz:
M. Joonoos married Hajjah Wan Chik and had 4 sons: Che Mat , Shamsuddin, Che Kasim and Mat Sutan. M. Joonoos was also married to another lady and Che Lah might be his son.

From Sellene:
Another point regarding Joonoos is that the spelling brings to mind the Ceylonese Malay link. It seems to be a favourite way to spell Yunus among the Ceylonese Malays.

Shaik Ahmad
From Kamaruddin bin Capt. Mohamed Nor:
Dr Che Lah's grandfather (Shaik Ahmad) was from Hyderabad, from the Darjeeling area of the Deccan plateau. He came to Malaya with the British Army.

Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos
From Sellene:
Looking at Dr Che Lah's features, I might say that there is a possibility of some Ceylon link but as he is your grandfather, you are in a better position to clarify.

From Assoc. Prof. Dr KNS Sirajudeen:
He thinks that Dr Che Lah looks like a typical southern Indian, probably a Tamil Muslim.

From me:
Dr Che Lah's grandparents:
Grandfather: Shaik Ahmad
Grandmother: Hajar
Children (Dr Che Lah's father, uncles and aunts):
1.      Hamidah Bee bt Shaik Ahmad
2.      (“Tok Jan”) Jan Bee bin Shaik Ahmad
3.      Mohd Joonos bin Shaik Ahmad
4.      Mohd. Ali bin Shaik Ahmad
5.      (“Tok Mariam”) Mariam bt Shaik Ahmad
6.      Captain Mohd. Noor bin Shaik Ahmad

Dr Che Lah's parents:
Father: Mohd Joonos bin Shaik Ahmad
Mother: Juma Bee
Children (Dr Che Lah's siblings):
1.      Mak Besar Bee bt. Mohd Joonos
2.      Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos
3.      Ali Baba bin Mohd Joonos
4.      Osman bin Mohd Joonos
5.      Mohamad bin Mohd Joonos

Dr Che Lah spoke Tamil to his PWD gardeners. He spoke English to his family members. He spoke Penang Malay to his maids. I have not heard a word of Chinese from him. He married a Ceylonese Burgher and a Chinese Hokkien lady. He did not marry any Malay lady. I suppose because he was not 100% Malay but was an Indian Muslim and therefore preferred to marry non Malays. I have heard his Penang relatives spoke what I think is Urdu (I don't speak Urdu). They did not speak Arabic because I did not hear any Arabic words. It must have been Urdu. If the relatives spoke Urdu, then he must have been a northern Indian and not a southern Indian who speak Tamil. I suspect that Dr Che Lah was of Punjabi descent (with Bee in their names) and his people were fluent Urdu speakers. His people reside in Kampung Sungai Gelugor, across the road from his last residence in Minden Heights. The village and houses are still there in Kampung Sungai Gelugor but many of the original home owners may have passed on.

Dr Che Lah is buried in Tanah Perkuran Islam at Masjid Jamek Gelugor, which is the Muslim graveyard nearest his village.

Captain Mohamed Noor bin Shaik Ahmad
Captain Mohamed Noor bin Shaik Ahmad was Dr Che Lah’s uncle. Captain Mohamed Noor bin Shaik Ahmad married three times, each time when his wife died, first to Wan Teh, then Che Wan and finally Mariam (Che Wan’s younger sister). Captain Mohamed Noor had six, five and eight children from his first, second and third wife, respectively. Altogether, Captain Mohamed Noor had 19 children. 

His children from his third wife:
  1. Zainal Abidin (m. 1. Khatijah, 5 kids, 2. Naimah, 1 son, 3. Nor Azma, 4 kids, 4. Nor Mala, 2 kids, 5. Suzana, 3 kids)
  2. Juma Bee (m. Jamal@Roger Heady, 2 kids, Canberra, Australia)
  3. Kamarudin (m. Fatimah, 6 kids, Petaling Jaya)
  4. Samsudin (died)
  5. Sharom Bee (died)
  6. Kalthom Bee (Lily) (m. Abdul Jabbar, 5 kids)
  7. Amirudin (m. 1. Aminah, 4 kids, 2. Maizun, 5 kids, 3. Rose, 3 kids)
  8. Tajudin (m. Asnah, 6 kids)

Kamarudin bin Capt Md Noor
Kamarudin's mother is Mariam Bee, third wife of Capt Md Nor. Kamarudin had 8 siblings from the same parents. Kamarudin bin Md Noor had worked in the Income Tax office in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in the 1960s and retired as Deputy Director-General from the Income Tax office at Kampong Attap in Kuala Lumpur. Kamarudin bin Md Noor is married to Fatimah (also from Penang) and they have three married daughters and three grandchildren. Kamarudin bin Md Noor is Dr Che Lah's cousin and knew Dr Haji Abdul Ghani.

Samsudin bin Capt Md Nor
Samsudin's mother is Mariam Bee, third wife of Capt Md Nor. Samsudin had 8 siblings from the same parents. Samsudin died without issue (based on the family tree). He was Dr Che Lah's cousin.

Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammad
He is interred at Tanah Perkuburan Islam in Bayan Lepas, quite far away from where Dr Che Lah is buried. The airport in Bayan Lepas is approx. 10 min by bus from Kampung Sungai Gelugor.

I don't know where his village is at this point. I have to ask for details of the whereabouts of his village from his daughter Fadzilah and son Faisal. Iszham Idris and his mother may also know the village location.

Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos
From Sellene:
Shamsuddin Joonoos was formerly president of the Malay Association in the 30s and used to work in the postal department. He was more commonly known as Hj S.M. Joonoos. Mohamad Joonoos may as well be his father.

From Haniff:
Shamsuddin Md Joonoos is my great grand father, he has a brother, che kasim m. joonoos, who was with the kedah civil service in 1930s (Director of Land). M. Joonoos bin Mas Raboo [...]. Shamsuddin was ill during his death and likes to write malay dictionaries in Jawi.

From Nazz
Hi Haniff, if Hj Shamsuddin M.Joonoos is your great grandad, we are related then. He's my grandfather. I m son of Elias Shamsuddin.

From Nazz:
Hj Shamsuddin was the secretary of post (highest position a Malay can hold during British reign) and also a religious leader and friend to Ahmad Badawi (Tun Abdullah's father).

From Nazz:
Look me up on Facebook. Nazri Elias. My father just passed away and i was just googling the family name and found this.

From Iszham Idris:
Haniff is not in his family tree.


Haniff said...

Who is this iszham idris. My name is haniff and my father's name is zainal abidin bin md noor. Md Noor is the son of Hj Shamsuddin and Hj Shamsuddin is the son of M. Joonoos.

Haniff said...

Md. Noor son of Hj Shamsudin bin M Joonoss married his cousin Wan Nacar bin Che Kassim. My father Hj. Zainal Abidin is the eldest son of Md. Noor.