Monday, 8 April 2013

Q4 Royalty


I will just share with readers what I made over the last quarter, ending 31 March 2013.
I didn't make much, just USD$38.36. Alhamdulillah. That's all. LOL

My opinion

Revenue from royalty is very little. I can get bigger profits if I sell my own books. The problem is, it will break my heart if I start selling my books. So I am better off if I get others to sell my books. So far, my son-in-law and my elder sister sell my books (they keep whatever money they make). So you see, I don't make any money because that is not my main interest. My interest is creative writing.

Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore

I have still not received the 5 posters that were promised when I signed up with the Premier B/W publishing package early last year (Jan 2012). Apparently, I received an email telling me that I have some stuff sent to Fresno, California; I think my posters went the wrong direction. I have written to Xlibris about my missing posters but nothing seems to work.

Hosting subscription

I have paid for 1 year hosting of my 2 books at and The hostings end in September 2013. If I don't renew, nobody will get to see my books online except at my publisher's website If I continue to pay annual subscription, hosting will continue till Sept 2014 (1 year). I haven't decided yet.

Marketing & Sales

People have contacted me in Facebook for my books. I passed the orders to my son-in-law in Serdang or my elder sister in Penang. Some emailed to order my books and I replied but nothing happened. Many prefer to pick up my books at USM in Kelantan - this is the easiest for Affandi and me. The books are always in the car which is parked at PPSK basement. Please don't send me multimedia messages.

Retail outlets

My 2 books can be purchased at many online outlets. These include Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, e-Bay, The Book Depository and many more (just Google the individual titles). Please check my previous posts on these outlets.

My 2 books are not available in physical stores in Malaysia (i.e., they are not sold at MPH, Kinokuniya or Syarikat Muda Osman).

I have replied to Areca Books in Penang but nothing happened.

Klang Valley

For rapid delivery within Klang Valley, my son-in-law (Mohammad Nizam bin Omar) can assist. He can be contacted by email, mobile or in Facebook. Who is Nizam? He has a diploma in IT. He is a part-time student of UKM. He works part-time for Pos Malaysia network security. You can type Biography of the Early Malay Doctors in Facebook and you should be able to reach him. You can also type Research on the Early Malay Doctors in Facebook to get the other book.

Contact:       Muhammad Nizam bin Omar
                    Mobile: 017-358 7010
                Nizam bin Omar
                on TEMD
                of TEMD


You can purchase my books from my elder sister Sharifah. Who is she? She works at the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP), Jalan Masjid Negeri in Penang. I think she is the Second Secretary to Mr Haji Idris, CAP President.

Contact:       Hajah Sharifah bt Haji Abdul Rashid
                    Mobile: 019-571 3995


You can purchase my books from my husband Affandi. Who is he? He is a speech pathologist. He heads a unit called Unit Audiologi dan Patologi Pertuturan, Hospital USM.

Contact:      Tuan Haji Affandi bin Haji Hussien
                   Mobile: 019-905 0397


All booksellers get 40% discount direct from the publisher (Xlibris Corporation) all the time, regardless of # of copies ordered. You do not have to know me (or 'Like' me in Facebook) to be a bookseller for my books on The Early Malay Doctors. Please contact Xlibris at their website or call them.

How Xlibris works

Xlibris head office is in Sydney, Australia. The principal and HQ is in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. The publishing operations are based in Cebu, Philippines (same time +800 hours as KL). Printing is done by Milton Keynes in Great Britain. Delivery is by air express courier from UK to worldwide destinations. This usually involves UPS if in USA, Air Asia cargo from UK to Subang, and delivery by FedEx or DHL within Malaysia. All delivery charges are charged to the customer and must be prepaid by the customer before the books will be shipped out. This involves use of credit card (credit card has a limit, usually RM15K for Malaysian cardholders). Do not order beyond your credit card limit. The retail price for the books are published at the Xlibris website but booksellers can sell at any price they wish to. I have not printed the retail price on any of my books.


Please get back to me if you have any difficulties obtaining my 2 books. I will forward your difficulties to Xlibris. You can also contact Xlibris directly if you have any difficulties obtaining my books.

Newspapers & magazines

I have not publicised my 2 books in printed media (newspapers or magazines). You can read about my 2 books online. Just Google the titles.

I have also informed and requested Dato Yeoh Poh Hong (MMA) to help circulate news of my 2 books. Not heard back.

Tan Sri Dr Ridzwan Bakar is handling circulation news for MMA. Not heard back.

Advertising & email campaign (EMC)

The text for advertising and campaigning for my 2 books are in this blog, in the right panel. Click 501451 for Biography of TEMD. Click 501452 for Research on TEMD. The advertising text and email campaign in this blog are free for you to copy and edit. Please use them wisely.

Single Item Accessories (SIA)

I have run out of the original printed accessories (bookmarks, picture postcards, business cards). They were printed by a company in the USA.

You can print bookmarks, poster, banner, postcards, fliers, etc for your own use, teaching, bookshops or functions.


Xlibris does not give its authors the high resolution galley files for any of the books it publishes. I may have understood it wrong when I signed up for the Premium B/W printing package.


Details TBA

How to contact me?

Click on The Author in the right panel. My email is embedded there.
I'm also in Facebook (add Faridah Abdul Rashid or drop me a message in Facebook).


The 1-line reviews are as printed on the back cover of Biography of TEMD.

Fadzilah Abdul Ghani says she gets engrossed reading my book and that the book is "precious". I believe so, and thanks.

Please continue to send me short or long reviews. They are useful for me to work on, especially when editing my own books.

Second publishing

I have not set any date for a second publication of Biography of TEMD. I will publish again once I get the 2-3 remaining biographies in, hopefully in the next 2-3 years. I retire from my full-time job at USM in 3-5 years time. I won't be writing anymore once I retire.